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Grace in Training

A loquacious server meets a mysterious customer and strikes up an intriguing conversation that leads to a fulfilling outcome.

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Director Statement

Grace in Training is a film written by Adrian Parrish. Adrian writes for many different formats including: comedy, storytelling, poetry, and radio shows. It was by chance that Adrian and I met at a mixer for the 48 Hour Film Project.

Adrian was interested in the project and I had participated 6 times. After a successful partnership and showing for this competition, we went on to work on other projects. Adrian shared a few scripts and one had really stood out to me. The story was simple, yet it had a deeper connection that I felt was relatable. 

In spring of 2018, we came together to start planning the shoot for Grace in Training. A date was locked in and things just started falling into place. The main cast was selected based on friendships and acquaintances that had made an impression. A crew was selected with some people we’d worked with before and some newbies.

Our location had the biggest influence on the film. A diner in a rural town outside of Charlotte, NC is where the entire film takes place. It is a true 50’s style diner that had been established decades ago. The authentic look, along with the wardrobe selections and props combined for a beautiful base to set the tone for production.

Although the audience will not necessarily share the same experiences as the characters in the film, the actors played their roles in such a way that the viewer will be sucked in and along for the ride. Several people on set got chills and tears during the production and it is our hopes that the audience will connect in the same way. 


Grace - Julia Benfield

Craig - Steve Nazarian

Vanessa - Cassondra Thurmond

Customer 1 - Carla Eastis


Sara Serulneck

Marcus Kyle

Tess Stammers

Elliot McDowell

Luwam Solomon

Kevin Patterson


Director - Andy Heck

Writer - Adrian Parrish

Producers - Adrian Parrish, Charity Parrish, Andy Heck

Associate Producer - Kevin Patterson

Director of Photography - Bobby Jones

2nd Camera - Jonathan Kittrell

Assistant Director - Charity Parrish

Sound Mixer - Chris Sirico

Key Grip - Anthony Bickler

Production Assistants - Marcus Kyle, Nick Shaner

Editor - Andy Heck

Sound Designer - Adrian Parrish

Music by - Cristina "Trinity" Vélez-Justo


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